1. We, the Secretary of Agriculture Emmanuel F. Pinol of the Republic of the Philippines and Minister for Agriculture and Livestock Benny Allen of the Independent State of Papua New Guinea, decide to expand and strengthen bilateral relations in the area of agriculture on the occasion of the Official Visit to the Philippines of Prime Minister of the Independent State of Papua New Guinea His Excellency Rt. Hon. Peter O’Neill, CMG, MP.


  1. We jointly decide to promote cooperation in the fields of agriculture and agro-industries, particularly in such areas as (i) rice, grains and industrial crops production; (ii) aquaculture and inland fish farming; (iii) livestock breeding and improvement; and (iv) agri-business development.


  1. Both sides will jointly promote cooperation in rice production, to include building the capacity of PNG extension workers and farmer-leaders on rice and rice-based systems; on seed production technologies that involve preferred Philippine high-yielding rices and PNG varieties; and the deployment of trained Filipino rice farmers to establish rice farms in PNG.


  1. Toward this end, we will jointly endeavour to negotiate and conclude at the soonest possible time a memorandum of agreement on agriculture cooperation that will bring our bilateral agriculture cooperation to the modern era, one that will be truly transformative and be a hallmark of genuine partnership between the Philippines and Papua New Guinea.