Gender, Youth, Community, Churches and Sports 

by | Jul 18, 2016 | 0 comments

The Government will promote Papua New Guinea as one of the great sporting nations in the region. To achieve this, we will provide the required resources to the National Sports Institute and promote sporting programmes at all schools throughout the country. More funding will be available to individual sports such as swimming, boxing etc.

To demonstrate this commitment, the Government will establish a separate Ministry on Sports and separate Ministry on 2015 Pacific Games.  The Ministry will take charge of the preparation towards the 2015 Pacific Games

In the area of Church, the Government will establish a new Ministry of Church & Community Development which will include gender and youth.  This Ministry will expand the church government partnership programme with support funding from our development partners.

A National Youth Service programme will be fully funded to ensure that our youth are fully engaged and properly natured.
An Old Age and Disability pension policy will be developed to follow the New Ireland Provincial Government experience.