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The Government will establish an Infrastructure development Authority to take charge of overseeing the major transport and public infrastructure projects for the next 5 years and beyond.  This Authority will be enabled by an Act of Parliament to mobilise and negotiate financial resources and technical expertise both in-country and off shore.  The Authority will oversee the administration and management if nominated major roads to link provinces with the aim of opening up the country during the term of this Parliament.  Further, the economic corridor concept pronounced in the 2010-2030 National Strategic Plan will be implemented.

The Government will also provide financial support to the maintenance of the major highways, provincial roads and all feeder roads and bridges throughout the country.

Similar attention will be given to all Maritime Provinces in the maintenance of jetty’s, wharfs and provision of shipping sevices in partnership with the private sector and other service providers. The Government will establish a National Shipping Services program which will include both national, provincial and district service provision. A national policy prescribing standards will provide the framework of administration and management of this program. The Border Authority may be the vehicle for improved shipping services.

Air Services to Rural areas will be negotiated with private providers with a range of incentives, under negotiated Service Agreements.

On public Utilities such as power, water and communication, a partnership with the private sector will allow state owned enterprises like PNG Power, PNG Ports, Telikom and Water Board to source private sector capital and technical expertise through negotiated sales and purchase agreements.

The aim of this Public Private Partnership (PPP) is to ensure that electricity, water and communication services cover the majority of our communities throughout the country at an affordable cost.

A Policy on reducing the cost of transportation including freight subsidies will be developed and implemented.