Petroleum and Energy

by | Jul 18, 2016 | 0 comments

The Government will review the current arrangement with resource owners, the Departments of Petroleum Energy & Planning with the aim of ensuring that the benefits prescribed in the Project Agreement with regard to royalties and infrastructure grants achieve their outcomes.

The Department of Petroleum & Energy will be reviewed and follow the Mineral Resources Authority structure. Part of this review will lead to the decentralization of the functions responsible for the management of resource owner funds, such as the royalties and infrastructure funds.  This will take the pressure away from the Vulunpindi Haus.

With regard to Energy, the Government will fund and implement the Rural Electrification Policy.  This will entail the promotion of the use of green energy systems including solar, wind, hyro, bio-fuel and geothermal energy.  In this regard, the Government will introduce a zero-tax policy for these items